Gift/ Double Subscriptions

We are always looking for ways to extend The HAND’s reach. Now you can give a gift subscription to a friend AND get your own subscription or renewal for almost half price! OR you can double your own subscription! OR double your friend’s subscription! Choices, choices! Please note that all subscriptions- like all of our prices- include the shipping cost, so they are higher in areas outside the US.

Gift/ double subscription- (10 issues- divide them between you and a friend or get a double subscription for yourself! Includes the ability to submit to all 10 issues, or if a gift, both recipients can submit to 5 issues). BE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE GIFT RECIPIENTS MAILING ADDRESS AND E-MAIL IN THE, “COMMENTS TO THE SELLER”, BOX ON PAYPAL OR INDICATE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE A DOUBLE SUBSCRIPTION!!

For details on submitting, go to our Submissions page

US Double/ Gift Subscription – $60

Canada/ Mexico Double/ Gift Subscription – $70

Outside North America Double/ Gift Subscription – $85

* Transaction will appear as the name, “Adam Finkelston”, on your credit card bill.