Issue #18 Purchase and Artist’s Links

Issue #18 is now available! VIEW SAMPLE PAGES HERE!! Click on the selected artist’s names below to go to their websites. Click on the hand to purchase a copy.

US- $10

Canada/ Mexico- $15

Outside North America- $20

*All prices include shipping

Featured In This Issue: Dan Kirchhefer, interviewed by Russell Joslin

Also featuring:

Ruth Adams

Lizzy Affa

M. Apparition

Nikki Barber

Douglas Beasley

Patricia A. Bender

Leonardo Bittencourt

Sara Blair McNally

Mik Boiter

Art Brown

Valerie Burke

Kimberly Chiaris

Stuart Clook

Robert Curl

Paula Damasceno

Caitlyn DeHart

Emily Denlinger

Kyle Dillehay

Sue Carrie Drummond

Alexis Dwyer

Anne Eder

James Ehlers

Kev Filmore

Lucy Julia Hale

Fiona Howarth

Anita Hunt

Ellen Jantzen

Jordanna Kalman

Amy Kanka Valadarsky

Michael Koerner

Jaimie Ladysh

Melody Knight Leary

Lisa Lindamood

Joshua Littlefield

Steve Lovegrove

Yvette Lucas

Alina Marin – Bliach

Lloyd Matthews

S.K. Murphy

Margot Myers

Michael Pannier

Kathryn Reichert

Victoria Ridgway

Paula Riff

Gregory Rollins

Elizabeth Claire Rose

Patricia Russotti

Rebecca Sexton Larson

Stacie Ann Smith

George Smyth

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan

Penelope Stone

Erin Tokarz

Lisa Turner

Gwen Walstrand

Julie Weber

Michael Weitzman

Cleo Wilkinson

Daren You