Issue #15 Artists and Pre-order!

Cover image: Joanna Kalman, Untitled, Composite photograph


New Issue, New Website!

We are very pleased to announce the artists selected for Issue #15! This issue includes a feature interview with Nicholas Kahn of Kahn & Selesnick and another feature interview with printmaker Johnny Adimando. The magazine is scheduled for release January 9th. A little late due to the holidays, but we think it’ll be well worth the wait! Thanks to all of the amazing artists who contributed and submitted work to this issue. You are the reason we continue to be able to provide our readers with such a top notch publication. We are proud and appreciative of your support.

We are also excited to debut our new website for 2017!! We are now located at Out with the old, in with the new. We needed a little change of scenery, and we also updated the payment buttons to include a cart option for easier shopping. Hopefully you like the new digs. Please let us know if there are any cracks in the walls.

And don’t forget that the SUBSCRIPTION SALE is still going on through Jan. 1st! Each subscription gets a free issue- 5 issues for a year and 10 for a double subscription. Subscribers get one of our free prints on our birthday in July. And since subscriptions include submission, it’s the perfect gift for a colleague, student, or friend, who just loves print and photo-based art; or who needs a little incentive to get their art out there in the world. A little encouragement is sometimes all a body needs. Heck, we could all use a little more encouragement, love, someone to listen, someone to look. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year.

Let’s join hands!,

Adam Finkelston & James Meara

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